In an emergency, time matters. Just a few minutes can be the difference between losing a disaster victim or helping them live to fight another day. As such, first responders do not typically have time to gather their supplies before getting to work. But how can they make sure that their equipment is always ready to go as soon as they are? For emergency workers that use bicycles on a regular basis, pannier bags are the perfect solution.

 How Are Pannier Bags Used in Emergencies?

How Are Pannier Bags Used in Emergencies?Pannier bags are about the size of a bookbag and can generally be attached to either the front or rear racks of a bicycle. These packs can be used to carry basic first aid tools, like gauze, and bandages as well as more advanced equipment such as defibrillators and oxygen tanks.

When a first responder receives a call about an emergency situation, they can place this bag on their bicycle, secure it in place with a set of safety straps, and be on the road in less than a few minutes. No need to waste precious time getting ready to go.

Once the emergency worker arrives on the scene of the car accident or violent crime to which they are responding, they can quickly remove the pannier bag from their bicycle by undoing the straps and place it next to their patient. They can then begin treatment immediately.

Because pannier bags typically feature a vast array of pockets, medics should have no trouble finding the tools they need to complete their job. Everything has its own dedicated compartment that can be accessed as and when it is needed.

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