Keeping all your gear together for your job in one bag shouldn't be tough, but if you have the wrong bag for the job, it could be making the process much harder. Getting your helmet, bunker gear, boots, and gloves into one bag is necessary. With an R&B Fabrications gear bag, you can get the one that fits your needs.

 The gear bag options that we sell include a hazmat gear bag, a firefighter gear bag, bags for emergency response technicians, nurse travel bags, and many more. We even have a Zombie Response Kit for those who want something distinctive.

R&B gear bags all have room for the necessary gear you need for the job and come with the most durable materials to ensure that your bag will not fail you when you need it.

Why an R&B Gear Bag?

Why an R&B Gear BagOur gear bags are made from Cordura Nylon and come with a window for an ID for easy identification. Some also come with a vinyl window that holds an inspection sheet. All bags are made in the US and come in different available styles that include stand up options with an extendable handle and wheels, or extra-large bags with U-shaped zippers with enough room for multiple sets of gear to be packed inside it.

R&B Fabrications bags are the best for many reasons and they will hold up to the toughest environments when disasters strike. If you are interested in purchasing any of our bags please contact an Authorized Dealer near you, or you just want to learn more about becoming a dealer please fill out a Become a Dealer Form or submit a contact form through our website. The store phone number at 1-800-553-1911 and we are available Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and are happy to assist you!