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#001OR-ABCD The "ABCD" Vest


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The “ABCD” Vest (#001OR-ABCD) is designed so that a single ID vest can be quickly configured to identify the captain, division supervisor, or other officer assigned to the ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, or DELTA side of a building.  One pair of reversible title panels are imprinted with ALPHA and BRAVO on opposite sides, and a second pair of panels are imprinted with CHARLIE and DELTA on opposite sides.  The panels feature loop Velcro strips on the perimeter of each panel which adhere to a hook Velcro patch on the vest to identify which side of the building the Division Supervisor is assigned to.  The unused pair of title panels store inside the vest with Velcro adhesion when not in use.  The nylon mesh vest is available in a variety of colors.

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