In an effort to increase sales and provide better profit margins for our dealers, R&B Fabrications has developed the Dealer Support Program. To become a Dealer Support Partner you must first be an authorized dealer in good standing. The program requires the dealer to list 50 of R&B Fabrications products for sale with a buy it now option and also list R&B as a Distributor/Supplier with a direct link back to R&B Fabrications.

Items can be downloaded directly from the website in our "Media Kit" or we can provide you a CD. The products used for websites can be chosen by the dealer or we can provide a list of our best selling products. Different variations of one bag or product only constitutes as one product. For instance, our 200MC XL comes in Red with Maltese Cross, Red plain, Blue with Star of Life and Black but would only count as one product listed.

Once a dealer fulfills his obligations and notifies R&B, we will review the site. Once this process is completed, the dealer will receive the best published price regardless of quantity ordered. In addition to the price break we will also eliminate the minimum order fee ($3) for small orders less than $50.00 and also the drop ship fee ($2). To show our gratification for your participation, we will also list you twice on our website as a dealer with direct links back to your website. You will be listed alphabetically on our "Dealer Support Partners" page, and also in your state on the map with Dealer Support Partners listed first then regular dealers by alphabetical order.

This program has been proven successful with many of our current Dealer Support Partners.

Click here to sign up for a Dealer Support Program.