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QLFA-01RD- Attack Pack


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Attack Pack

The Attack Pack stores an attack line in the Cleveland Hose Load as well as a pre-connected firefighting nozzle along with adapters and reducers. With 3 swift movements the Attack Pack hose deploys into a coil which can be easily advanced into the fire.

The Attack Pack can be deployed in restricted spaces like high-rise fire stairs, a terrace court-yard or a balcony.



  • Rapidly coils the hose straight from the pack – avoids tangles and kinks
  • 3 stage deployment designed for limited light & challenging environments
  • Nozzle diffuser teeth protector
  • Light weight and offers both shoulder strap and hand carry handles
  • Secures all components however is effortlessly deployed
  • Coloured to indicate its role in the hose lay process
  • Easily packed
  • Hose spanner stowage pocket
  • Variable back strap placement for maximum Fire Fighter comfort
  • Protects hose from damp and rain

The Hose Lay Solution

Common to every incident is the need to stretch hose between the water supply and an area near the ideal entry point of the fire and then the need to charge a hose into a coil allowing it to easily advance into the hostile environment.